Need help finding CA legal exhaust please.... quickly!

Hey guys, I tried searching for this info, but couldn't find it. I have a pretty much stock 99 400. I was at a state OHV park this weekend, and a ranger told me I don't have a spark arrestor, and my stock exhaust was too loud. So, I guess I need to upgrade to aftermarket.

Any suggestions on what to get? I would like to spend less that 500$ on a full system, so I can get around the oil filter problem. It that much money going to get me a quality set up? Someone suggested FMF Q.

Thanks for the help, and sorry if this is a beaten horse topic.

Dr.D SA systems are pretty quiet, and around $500. Also, the SA can easily come out if you are in an area where you dont need it.

Is the Dr. D pipe on this sites store a full system?

The tt store lists the SA system for about $515 from Dr.D, but Motosport has it for $480. Id suggest calling TT, and they can maybe beat the Motosport price.

Yea, that's the one I had my eye on. Not sure if it's the full system or not. If it's just the muffler, I'd rather go with a FMF Q and save money. Also, TT sells the Dr. D for $464

Its the full system, and top quality as well. I personally think its the best exhaust for the price period.

My son got the DR.D complete system for his 00 426. It solved the oil filter cover problem and was only $409.99 at BTO Sports. It helped the lower end power a good bit. It also has a spark arrestor and is about 94db.

Q for Quiet

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