06 WR450 Airbox mods?


Just got me an almost brand new WR450 -06 which needs to get the flow going. I've read up on almost everything, but ThumperFAQ is down since a few days so I need instructions on the airbox mods. Anybody have any good pictures to share on the airbox mods? (I think I must drill out the rivets in the battery holder, but I sure would like to be sure before I start making a mess of things..;-)


I think I remember reading about drilling, but I also read to just muscle it out, which is what I did. I put vise grips on there and yanked. Pay attention to where it is comming out and where it is binding and adjust. Oh, I hope you are talking about the snorkle.

just cut out the sides, they are marked.

Easy mod as JJeep says.

Yank or drill. I had to drill the rivets (remove battery) as mine would not budge.

If you drill remove the air filter and plug inlet with cloth. Vacuum out any filings or use oily cloth to clean the airbox out.

Do the side holes with a sharp boxcutter (while filter is out) but if you do lots of water crossings then leave in.

have fun..

just to make sure, when I "pulled" it out, it was hard and I did pay attention to where it was hanging up/pry it loose. It was tough and at times I thought I was gonna break something I needed, but in the end it did pull out.

No need to drill anything. The piece you are gonna pull out is kinda figure e shaped. I put a loop of 3/8" nylon rope down in, and back up the other hole, and used that to get a good upward pull on it--while carefully prying the airbox. Now the rope will also go around a stationary piece of the main airbox, so you will just pull up enough to get it free, then remove the rope and remove the airbox insert by hand. This method is waaay better than trying to grab it with any tool I can think of.

The Yamaha AIS instructions caution you to pry carefully so as not to break the airbox. here is a pic of the insert sitting loosely in the hole (after I pulled it (OK, it forgot to take the "before" pic) and after:



Ok, I get the picture! Thanks a lot, I'll give the rope-pull a try tomorrow and if that doesn't work out, I'll drill out the rivets....


Use a screwdriver to get the clearance. IT really helps if you have two people to do this. ONe to work the screw driver the other to use the vise grips to pull it out.

I also cut my indentations out....didn't really notice a difference:naughty: NOw I have to duct tape em when doing water crossings.:lol:

The easiest way to remove the snorkle is to put a large slotted screwdriver on the center portion of the piece to be removed, hit it with a hammer and break the thing in two. Now it'll be in two pieces that can be easily extracted through the side access door. Just make sure you get any little bits out that may have shattered off when you smacked it. There's no need to drill out rivets so you can keep it in one piece. Honestly, are you going to put it back in later? Although, I've heard it can make a nice gift for your significant other. My wife had one on her X-mas list...I'm a bad husband :lol:...SC

I then modified mine even more, I cut the rear most part off to make it fully open, take a look>





Also cut more out of the side>


Used the rope trick from BCS, worked like a charm, just pried with at screwdriver while pulling the rope over my neck :confused:

Next problem is to identifiy the grey wire, remebered something about i being in the connectors under the tank? Can't find a solid grey one there though :lol: Any hints or pictures?


Next problem is to identifiy the grey wire, remebered something about i being in the connectors under the tank? Can't find a solid grey one there though :lol: Any hints or pictures?

Read through the stickies, explore the links. ThumperFAQ has pics, tips, hints, etc. Look for a 6-pin connector on the right side under the tank near the CDI...SC

I know about ThumperFAQ since a couple of years ago, but the site is down and has been so for the last week :lol:

I wouldn't be asking these questions here otherwise, but the bike is new and I'm schedule for my first snowtrack on saturday :confused:


The site's up bro. Give it a shot...SC


The following info was sent to me from another TT member. It helped out, made things easy. Also, do a search for this topic, somebody posted a bunch of pics to go with these free mods.

1)This is the easiest one, remove the baffle from the silencer. Just take the end cap off and you will see the baffle. It is held in by 4 alan head screws. If you need to pass some sort of sound check or something for your riding areas. Leave it in until after you pass. Then, just take it out. It takes about 5 minutes.

2) Remove the snorkel from the airbox. When you take the seat off, behind the battery, there is a piece of molded plastic and it basically just fills the gap between the battery and rear fender or whatever. And it has two chutes or whatever sticking up and these are connected. Just move the battery, no need to completely disconnect it, and use a couple screwdrivers and pliers and pull that out. This is a little bit of a pain but shouldn't take more than 10 minutes.

3) Disconnect "the grey wire" underneath the tank. Tank off the tank. On the right (throttle) side of the frame you will see a little connector with 6 wires coming from toward the rear of the bike and going up to the front. There is 1, and only 1, grey wire entering that from the rear. Either pull that wire out gently or just cut it. I pulled it out, using a pocket knife, so I can return the bike to stock form if need be. Be absolutely sure you have the right 6 wire connector. There are 2 under the tank but only 1 has the unmistakably grey colored wire.

4) This is the most important mod. Replace the throttle stop screw inside your carb with one from a YZ450F. It is shorter so the throttle opens up twice as far. I know some people just take it out and cut it. But I think that is too dangerous because if you cut it too short, your throttle could stick open. So go to your dealership and pick one up. It is Yamaha part number 5JG-14591-00. Make sure you explain what it is so they get it right. It is very small so be careful not to lose it. Now, to install it. On the right (throttle) side of the bike you can see the carb. On the top half or so of the carb, you will notice a cover that can be removed and is held on by 2 alan head screws. Take this cover off. Now, where you just took that off, you will see the screw head of your throttle stop screw on the bottom pointing up toward the seat of the bike. Use an alan wrench to take it out and put the new one in. The new one is about 12mm shorter. Be sure to screw it in all the way. You will notice how much farther the throttle opens now. If you cut yours, it's free.

Another option is to buy the "AIS Removal Kit" from Yamaha. In this kit includes the shorter fuel mixture screw, as well as other things you'll want to do to your ride.

It is recommended to re-jet the carb after all this, and that is also included in the Yamaha GYTR AIS Removal Kit($39)



I definitely recommend trying out the search function. Meanwhile, check out this thread--somewhere in there is a link of a picture I posted of the gray wire mod on my 2006 WR450.


Happy New Year!!

did you also cut the side panel cover as well that fits over that side of the air box

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