Ready Filter pre-lubed air filter

Ready Filter air filter; It was cheap... It is cheap... this thing is crap... Has anyone else purchased this inexpensive, no fitting, poorly formed, pre-oiled, blah blah blah? Did you have the same experience or did I just get the 5:pm Friday time to start the weekend drunk binge filter? I wont waste my time with another one.

Use them all the time and have had no issues what so ever. I am happy with the performance and the price.

Ditto!! Used them the last 2 years and had 0 problems. I still put a little bit of grease around the box though....

I won't buy another Ready Filter. IMO they have $1 worth of foam and $9 worth of oil on it. I've used 3 and thought the quality was a 2 on a scale of 10.

use it once and throw it away.....:thumbsup:

What other brands are there? I know Ready isn't the only disposable filter. Has anybody used those?

I've used them quite a bit and im impressed with how well they work.Mabye you should by a KN filter and have peace of mind with the high price tag.

I've always had good luck with Uni-filters and K&N, just thought I'd give these a try. By the way, the dealer I purchased it from doesn't advertise them as disposable filters, but mine is going in the trash anyway.

i am onto my second ready filter now and love them. i have not had a problem yet and i will continue to use them until i find a problem with them.

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