Need Some Inovative Thinkers Please

Hi 00 xr650r here. I have a slight problem. My bike has a fmf powercore Iv and I have a slight problem. In between the clamp that holds the muffler on and the can there WAS a rubber protector. Well that is long gone and the clamp has allready wore a ways through the can.:thumbsup: I have tried to replace it with a piece of rubber intertube and that lasted a week.

Solution#1 - Do away with the clamp and weld on a bracket. Can you weld to stainless steel? Pop rivet on a bracket? Would pop rivets last though?

Solution#2 - Find a alternate protector to fit in between the muffler and clamp.

I would love to buy a diffrent exhaust but hate forking over so much $$$ when the FMF may last several more years. So if anyone has a idea please post. Thanks.

Weld on some eyelets and use some springs like a 2 stroke pipe. Need to have a welding shop do the eyelets. #2 order a replacement clamp from fmf.

I'd say give FMF a call and see if they can do anything for you.

Or try order a new can, and insulators.

I threw my insulators away and just tweaked the bracket to fit super tight around the can then used a insulator on the mounting bolt with a couple of fender washers, any muffler shop should have the insulators.

I called and ordered a new insulator for $10 shipped. They also said they upgraded the insulators becasue the older powercores have a poor quality insulator.

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