Oil (oh no not again !) UK owners

Ok UK owners what oil are you using ? I've been using Silkolene PRO4 10w/40 or 15w/50 Semi synthetic. Not had any problems but its pretty expensive, about £25 for 4 ltrs. I've been told not to use fully synthetic.

Recommendations please.

Regards Shane

:) Errr...who told you not to use a fully synthetic oil???

I have used Fully synthetic in ALL my bikes, Road and Dirt, 4 and 2 stroke! absolutely no problems at all.

Up to press I have used Motul 300v but my local shop is changing suppliers to Putoline so I will be trying that at my next change.

The only consideration is the viscocity of the oil as something like a 15/50 in the depth's of winter is going to take longer than a 10/40 to get round the engine at cold start.

Cost..well sure good oil aint cheap! BUT there is an awful lot of oil changes in the cost of your engine grenading itself! I always consider it money well spent, In my R1 I even ran 300v sport, which works out at £48 for 4litres...ouch :D

But the clutch operation at cold was significantly better, so the choice is yours but I wouldn't be put off fully synthetic but no doubt someone somewhere will disagree with me! LOL :D

Nothing wrong with fully synthetic, like Guy Says...

The only thing you need to watch out for is that your chosen oil doesn't have friction modifiers... can you spell 'clutch slip'?... You cannot just go out and grab some (relatively) cheap Mobil 1 for a car... you need to use a bike formulation...

I use Yamalube, and have no problems with it... buy it in 19 litre (4 gallon) drums... I know I will use it up soon enough...

Most of the dino oil formulations are of a very high grade as well, fully synthetic will just give yo that bit longer between changes and the ability to stand up to full on racing...

It is important to choose an approriate viscosity rating for your temperature zone... Consult your handbook/manual or just ask...


:) Yes as David say's a BIKE specific oil is a must, I have a friend who is an Oil freak, did loads of course work on it etc etc, Most car oils have friction inhibitors which do your engine no harm at all BUT...as David points out, do your clutch no favours, also the majority of cars do not share their oil with the transmission, and the oil is not as resistant to shear forces,polymer chain this...polymer chain that ! :D

This would mainly come into play on longer service intervals but it is still worth bearing in mind! *****BIKE OIL ***** :D:D

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