2nd hand Acerbis tank!

Hello there chaps and maybe chapets? Baggins here, new boy in town.

Just a quick question for those in the know. I have just got hold of a bloomin great big Acerbis fuel tank for my 1998 XR 600. This tank appears to have once had 2 taps fitted, 1 on each side which isn't a problem except I'm not entirely sure how to go about plumbing in such an afair? Its obviously because of the shape of the thing that very little fuel would make it over the L/H side so I'm thinking possibly linking the 2 taps maybe???

Any sugestions most welcome, and I shall always try to help you.


Each side needs a petcock. It should have come with them. If not you can order via Acerbis or get some used ones (stock should fit but check first). Then the feul lines coming from each petcock are just connected into a Y fitting before heading to the carb. Any small plastic or metal pipe fitting will work that is the same OD and the IN of the feul line. Pipe clamps are a good idea if the Y fitting is not got those little ridges that keep it from coming off. Hope this helps.

bcone is right! two petcocks a T or Y fitting then on to carb. Cheers mate!

Hello baggins, Welcome to Thumpertalk.....:lol::confused:


Thanks mate, I thought as much just nice to here it from someone else.

Many thanks.

Nice one my friend, many thanks.

Who are you refering to- nice one? Where in the UK are you? I am from Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, been here since 1974, I was 10 then. Cheers!

Oh, welcome to TT, lots of info on this forum! Best on the web!

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