trick dual sport kit questions

I have just installed the kit. It was not too hard. I have a couple of questions if anyone has any experience with the kit

I have emailed Dale for assistance, but he must be out of the office.

I have a 2005 wr450

1. high beam light and switch does not work. I do not have the same wiring setup as the instructions indicate. How are the high beam/ low beam lights wired?

2. what does everyone use for a license plate light?

The diagram for the headlight is just an example. the WR headlight plug does not use the top spade receptical. use the colors of the leads to match up the spade lugs on the kit to the recpticals on the light plug. If I remember correctly they match.

I do not run a plate light, but the Baja Designs plate mount I got does have one. If I were to hook it up I would just splice off of the talight running wires.

Thanks for the info.

so are you basically saying that the stock wr headlight has the high and low beam voltage wires plugged into the same receptical on the headlight plug?

Interesting. I guess I will also have to figure out and construct some sort of tail light that is connected to the tail light.

Should be an interesting project to figure out.


I used the Scotts license plate mount and Bolt/light combo from I wired this to the tail light wires. Its been on my WR 450 since 2003 and I haven't had any problems. The bolt/light combo is an LED in an aluminum bolt that is really trick and is almost indestructable.:lol: Check it out.


OK... the license plate bolt light is the way to go. I already have the scotts licence plate mount.


When you go to go to page 3, then scroll down about 1/8th of the way and on the left side you will see "license plate lights" click on that and then scroll down almost 1/2 way and you will find the license plate bolt light. I am using only 2 but you could use 4 if you don't think that they are bright enough.


Can't get a hold of anyone at

I guess I will have to search for another source.

I also found them at I hope that THEY will talk to you.


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