Help wanted front fork

Can anyone tell me how much oil that i have to put in a front fork.

I just changed the oil seal and my dealer told me that it contained about 1liter of oil.

I've done exactly what the manual said and i do have to say it's pretty easy but i filled the oil and when it was at level i saw that i used about 0.3l. So now i'm worried that i might done something wrong.

Once you bleed the cartridge (run the cartridge rod in and out until it feels consistent, you can measure the air space from the oil to the top of the compressed fork. You should have in the range of 110mm of air between the oil and the top of the fork.

In a 2001 bike, each leg uses more than half a liter when filled properly. If you only used 0.3 liter for each leg you might be under filled.

Did you pump the damping rod (or whatever it is called) up and down "more than 10 times" each time you filled the oil to the top of the forks? You need to do this to get the oil into the cartridge.

My manual is pretty clear on the steps and also gives the specification on how much oil each fork leg holds (but it is not here with me at work!)...


Steve T

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