Jetting for WB E2? 96XR650l

Posted this on "jetting" and got nothing not sure what's up w/ that.

Hopefully some sympathetic 650 owners will chime in...

Just put a WB E2 exhaust on with 6 six disks.

I have a K&N filter with the snorkel still intact. No smog blocker.

Bike idles fine and starts right up. It pops on decel.

I'm wondering if I need to rejet the main jet or can I get by w/out?

Just looking for a bit better performance and to shave off some weight, nothing radical.


Thanks for the reply. I'm game for more power and have now searched for what the snorkel is, but what does the smog equip actually do?


Basically the the smog system on the L model just pumps air into the exhaust, and makes it pop, backfire and sound like crap. Its to get by the epa's smog requirements, add a little air to the exhaust and it's cleaner, Yeah, right! The snorkel is under the seat atop the airbox its held in place with two rivets, just drill the rivets out and remove the snorkel. Also its not a bad idea to put a rag on top of the air filter while drilling to catch any stray shavings.

Thanks! Good thing I looked at de-snorkeling. I was thinking, "I don't need to do this it runs great!" Rubber hose from air cleaner had come off and was pulling air straight into carb. De-snorkeling about to begin. Saw a smog block kit from Xr's and one on ebay which was just the plates, which is better? Ebay was significanlty cheaper.

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