looking to get the most power out of '06 yz450

i am really looking to get 55hp or so out of my 450 i am 6'4" and 290lbs. i love my bike but it just seems to be a little bit slower than my '04 was. i dont ride tracks only desert and sand dunes i want to beable to keep up with my buddys on the 500 2 smokers. what is going to be the best mods to do? exhaust, cams, rev box, etc. i dont really want to do a big bore until i need to do a top end the bike is new. i can handle all the power it can produce any input would be greatly appreciated thanks.

Well unless you are running lots of high rpm that top end wont wear out anytime soon. If money is no option I would go for the following list of mods:

1. Hot cams intake and exhaust camshafts

2. WB Carbon Pro

3. This big bore/stroker kit http://www.picotteperformance.com/Scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=10748

That would give you 502ccs!

4. Jet Kit (although you would probably have to order a lot of OEM jets because most kits would probably not have jets big enough for a 502 big bore)

I know you said you dont want to do a big bore but thats the only way you are going to get reliable hp. You could send your motor to WB or Pro Circuit and get 55hp without boring it out but it would probably be more high maintenance then you would care for and you would SURELY have to run race gas. I say big bore w/cams and exhaust and leave it at that.

With your size, the only way you're going to be able to keep up with 500 2-strokes in the sand is to get one yourself. I had a CRF450 that I tried to make reliably powerful enough to ride the sand and keep up with the big 2-smokes and was disappointed. I had the head ported, put in a high compression piston, stage 2 Hotcam, FMF full titanium exhaust, power now, etc,.etc.....basically everything you can do to a 4-stroke engine short of a big bore. While it was faster than every other 4-stroke in the sand, and great in the desert and track, it just couldn't hang with my brother's CR500 and my friends' KX500's. So, I saved up and got a KX500 for the dunes and up until October, kept the CRF for everything else. Now I still have the K5 and a new YZ450F.

thats what ive been contiplating also is just getting a older cr500 for the dunes they just flat fly in the sand.

also thats what ill probably do is cams, exhaust , bigbore in the near future so i can atleast beat the skinny guys on 450's lol.

BigJohn PM sent!

There was an article where WB totally tricked out a YZ450 in one of the recent mags. I think it was the November Dirtbike and they said they turned the normally tame YZ into an absolute animal. It wasn't cheap though so your idea of getting a 2nd bike might be the cheaper route.

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