Trail Tech Vapor install...

Well my new Vapor got here today. I ordered last week and they said I was the first for the new air cooled sensor. I'll be installing it tommorrow and will post up some pics. Looks cool, I have a XR650L 1998 (btw). Anybody else have any tips before I start?


And this is the Temp Sensor. It WILL NOT WORK and IT BROKE..... I know I had the first one.. Needs some R&D.]36022192650.jpg

Hello trxxr and welcome to TT,

I just received my vapor today but they sent me the one for the XR650R. I have a 2001 XR650L. I emailed the seller I got it from but no response yet. I am just wondering if all the other sensors are the same except the engine temp sensor for these bikes? Anyone know? Thanks....Lumpy

I think the are but I don't know for sure. I called Trail Tech up and ordered it directly from them. They told me they JUST got the air cooled temp sensor in. It just goes under the spark plug. I was waiting until they came out with this before I ordered.

Welcome,trxxr, To Thumpertalk.....Pics will be great to see....:lol:

:confused: :confused:


The kit you have will work fine. The only problem will be your kit has a water temperature sensor. You need the CHT sensor. We are still behind production on these sensors. Give us a call in a week or two and we will swap your water sensor for the correct CHT sensor.

Trail Tech


Thank you very much. I just spoke to the guy I bought it from and he said he would ship me the correct sensor. If that falls through I will send you my water temp sensor to swap out. Thanks for monitoring these boards and helping like that. It is refreshing to see a company help its customers like this. Thank you very much for your support of a great product...Lumpy

Sweet I need to get the temp sensor for mine. I installed one on my 96 XR600R. I really like it.


Are the magnetic rotor bolts different from the xr650r kit and the xr650l kit? Thanks again....Lumpy


I have a '93 xr650l and would really like to pick one of these up. They're listed for '95 and up. What's different about the '93 and '94. Something I would need to change to make it work or is it impossible.



It looks pretty generic, for any bike. I would think it would work.

trxxr, Thanks for the pics. How did you mount the magnet? Did you use the magnetic bolt on the rotor or epoxy a magnet on the rotor? Any pics of the rotor? Thanks again...Lumpy


Call us and we will get the temperature sensor problem solved. It looks white in your picture but it should be black.

It looks pretty generic, for any bike. I would think it would work.

Kinda what I was thinking. I didn't think there was much of any difference from '93 to present so I can't see why it wouldn't work. Trail tech, any comments on this? I'd hate to shell out the $$ only to find out it wouldn't work, there must be a reason they say for '95and up. Sorry for the thread hi-jack.



Call us and we will get the temperature sensor problem solved. It looks white in your picture but it should be black.

I'll call you guys today. Thanks for the reply.The flash made it look white it is black.

Echo the great customer service, sent me a new pickup cable to Japan no questions asked. Thanks Trail Tech!


We can make it work for any bike. We only list models we have seen at our shop and done an install on. There may be no difference in your bike.

If you local, bring it by and we will do the install for you. If your not local, send us a picture of the sensor area and we will recommend a solution.

Hi Guys,

I was trying to install the magnetic speed sensor on the front caliper in the location shown on the trailtech website for xr bikes. There is not enough room between the forks and the caliper for it to fit therefore the plastic tab with the bolt hole snapped off. trxxr do you have any up close pics of your speed sensor install? I am not sure what I am going to do now. Perhaps keep using my gps as my speedometer? :lol: Thanks..Lumpy

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