Fork Rebuild - Who is best?

My fork seal started leaking badly today on my 03 YZ450F. I have decided to get the fork and rear shock done to match my weight and riding style. Who is recommended these days for suspension work? I did some searching and found mxtech, race tech, etc. Who would you send your forks to and why? Or if you've had work done, what were your experiences? I am open to suggestions.

Thanks :lol:

I really like my rg3 suspension. I sent them in for a re-valve and spring. They got it done in about 5 days and I gave it to them the day before thanksgiving. I sent it to them because of magazine recomendations and their pro rider list.

I took my bike to Chad Newton from Total Control. I love it. i got to go out and he set the sag on the rear shock when i went to pick the bike up. I was talking to him and he said one of his other customers sent theyre susp. to one of the big companies that the factory riders use for suspension and he hated it. Chad did the suspension work for Star Racings Broc Tickle when he was an amateur. is is website.

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