2007 wr 450 fork seal

well took the bike out today and at our halfway point my fork was leakin oil. my dealer said somthing to me when i bought bit to keep an eye on this. does anyone know if it is a recall of some sorts

My 06 did the same thing and is still leaking .

A new bike has a 30 day warranty so I'd show it to the dealer asap.

You need to do the film trick first. If that cures the problem, then you're good, just buy some shock sox...SC

great i will try that first this thing is dripping like leaky faucet. thanks for this trick fix i will try it.

My 06 does this....weepy but not a full on leak. BAh. I do the film trick and keep it meticulously clean.:lol:

Clark sent me to the film trickwhen mine started leaking last year and its hasen't since. It really does work.

My 05 started leaking shortly after purchase. I put new seals in and the shock socks. It has been fine since.

Do the shock sox cause any problems. I had read in a search that they can be abrasive to the fork tubes. I just installed a set and am curious.

Also, I just put in new fork seals and bushings to cure a stiff front suspension and it didn't seem to help. There still seems to be a lot of stiction. Any ideas? 2005 WR450


I really like the Seal Savers product. I have had it on my forks for 4 years now and no issues. Seals can last a long time if you flip them up and clean under them regularily.:confused: It is normal for new bushings and seals to need a break in ride. If the fork is still to harsh go back to factory settings on dampening adjustments. Check that your front forks are not binding due to axle position clamping ( loosen axle clamps on the right side & the axle nut and then pump the forks up and down with the front tire against the wall several times and then retighten the axle nut & clamps ). Then if all else fails you have to much oil in each fork. Take some fork oil out with a syringe and tube ( equal amount from each fork until the suspension feels right.

I have seen to many people put to much oil in the forks and whine about the harsh feel ( also use 5 weight or lighter). Our suspension is very level sensitive!:lol:

Also get a 2x4 and cut it to about 10 inches and stick it between the tire and the bottom fork clamp when you haul the bike. I thought I had leaking seals once. Turned out that I over compressed the forks and forced some oil out of the seals while hauling the bike. Once I started riding the up and down motion worked the oil out from under the dust seal. It's incredible how little oil it takes to make one hell of a mess.:lol:


After an expensive visit to the dealer to have my forks rebuilt several years ago I found out about seal savers. They are cheap and work great. For added protection remove the dust seal and pack it with some waterproof grease. The grease and the seal saver should prevent you from ever having a leaky fork seal problem.

I called to get my seal replaced on one fork and the pro shop (pit pro in santa clarita, California) said that they were having a problem with all the seals from Yamaha leaking a lot lately and suggested I wait to replace them until they see some good ones. It sounds to me like yamaha has a bad batch lately and they ended up on the 07's. Of course, yamaha is not going to admit it. Buy aftermarket ones for a while... It seems to be the better option right now.

When my seals finally go south I only buy OEM.

I take the springs apart and cut them down 1/8 inch or so which makes them tighter.

My seals last a whole lot longer because they fit tighter, I've been doing this since the early 80's, Yes I'm old.

Second the seal savers. My 05 has 3000 Baja miles on it and I've never blown a seal.

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