Who has the most?

Who has the most battle wounds , plates , screws ,scars, broke bones ,and so on?

2 broken wrists, 1 with screw. a few broken fingers and 3 ribs. a hole in a lung, an easily adjusted (dislocate, re locate) shoulder. and a pair of well beaten knees, or should I say, a strong pair of asterisks!

nothing major!

How about yourself? :)

I've been lucky just a broken wrist. but a lot of sore ribs , ankles , knees ,and so on. oh yea I've been riding 32 years got my first bike when I was 7 yrs old. a honda QA50 and I still have it.

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Yo Yo;

Only one piece of Titanium in me, got a nice 2 1/2 screw in my right knee. Didn't break it motoing though, skateboarding accident. Of course there are no "skateboarding accidents", more like "skateboarding happenings", LOL. :D Also have the "movable" shoulders, their sweet. Nothing like having your shoulders pop out when you hit the ground, then pop back in after the first or second bounce :) .


2 broken scaphoids in both wrists - neither healed right and both arthritic,

ACL's damaged -both knees,

cartilage shot and not repairable - both knees,

extreme arthritus left knee and right getting worse.

smashed right shoulder - arthritic

Front teeth shattered from a KICKSTARTER (don't ask!! :) )

herniated disk in lower spine

scarring from circumcision...oops wrong forum :D !!

hurt feelings!! :D:D

Broken fingers (3 on left hand) - hospitable bed tumble age 4!

Broken fingers, 2 left, 1 right, + right scaffoid. XL 600 spill : both arms in cast, try taking a s h i t like that!

Broken scaffoid left - Mountain bike

Broken Scaffoid right & front teeth (ate a rock) Mountain Bike spill.

Broken Radius right arm - split the end of the bone open length-ways. The only titanium in me comes from this....a little washer that didnt come out when the unscrewed the pin. Oh yeah...mountain bike...

Removable shoulder - skiing pirouette (unintentional)

Broken tibia - skiing

Exploded ACL's right knee & Meniscus (cartilidge) right knee, repaired then removed 6 years later

Field hockey & Skiing

Broken Thumbs - both a number of times - Skiing

Cartilidge extraction, left knee - skiing

Broken left ankle - Motorbike

Broken vertebrae (3x in one sitting), multiple ribs - '69 Porsche 911T into a tree. In my possession for exactly 11 days. Renting a Ferrari Testarossa for those 11 days would have been cheaper as I had to pay 400 bucks a month for 3 years to repay the loan.

I think thats about it.

I'm sure there's more to come as I just started this WR thing last August !!

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I obviously dont ride hard enough because I dont have any serious battle wounds but I would like to throw my cousin in on this action.

Please look away if your queasy....

He pulled this one off doing 4th down a trail and around the corner was a huge tree laying crossways in the trail. No need to say what happened next.


Part of the skin graft came from his butt. Cool! :)

Still want to go riding this weekend!

:) Blo*dy Hell.....I'm on the wrong forum here! it's like an episode of Emergency!

I obviously ride like a wuss , cos all I ever do is bruise myself, mind you I did try, took out 5yds of dry stone wall with my head, split my helmet open, and walked away, no injuries....somebody likes me I think! LOL :D

Missle...M8, I think you need to go to a quiet corner, and have a LONG talk with yourself ,ROFL

you read like a medical book! You're not known as Steve Austin are you?


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Did 3 weeks of who am I who are you? concusion,(I love Shoei helmets!) both broken ankles(same time) 3 concusions not including the 1st mentioned. Broke off branch with my left eye, exploded right hamstring,

3-crushed disc resulting in 2 surgeries in neck, still got the scars of road rash, still have scar across lower back from when an old Maico 450 used me for traction(jerk!) I was 14yrs old. Kinda cool knobby print though! and numerous cuts, sprains and bruises. Who know's what the future will bring...Hey wait a minute! how do we know you don't work for a medical insurance company!!... All that stuff I mentioned... Was really my buddy :D I have allway's been a medical marvel of health :)


NH Kevin...

I just have to ask. There has to be a great story here somewhere!!

I broke my femur in half. 1 titanium rod the length of the femur with 1 screw at the hip and 2 above the knee.

I should have stuck to dirt bikes because so far no serious injuries...knock, knock. I broke it trying something new...wake boarding...no I did not hit a pier. I found out water is harder than dirt sometimes.

Advice...stay on land...preferably on 2 wheels...unless of course you are skitching puddles.

Dislocated shoulder, two fractured ribs, fractured lt humerus, fractured lt femur, a couple concusions, and an avulsed extensor pollisis brevis tendon (Gamekeeper's thumb) as well as a variety of scars over both legs and back..... all various accidents from mountain biking!


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