GYT-R header to canister connection

Just got a GYT-R CF exhust from santa. The header and pipe leading up to the can are different diameters. Anyone have experience with this connection? Seem like its wrong if I just clamp it down till the tabs bend in. Am I missing a coupler or reducer?



Should be a tight slip fit that you have to work together by shoving and twisting.......I would check the model on-line and make sure it is for your year of bike.

The model year shouldn't be an issue since the connection that is suspect is the new header and the new piping to the exhaust can. The issue is with the two new parts. Basically the end of the header pipe is a smaller diameter to the pipe leading up to the can, so there's a gap when you slip them together.

Did you get a new muffler gasket? P/N 5XD-14714-00-00...SC

nope, didn't get the gasket, but I'll double check the box. Thanks!!! I fighure I was missing something... also figured I got a complete kit as well.

It's that Santa :censored:er, his quality control is really slipping...SC

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