07 YZ450F clutch problem

Any ideas would be appreciated. My clutch releases fine when taking off and I have the cable adjusted per the manual.

When I am in gear and the bike is off, the clutch will not work. I pull the clutch lever and try to roll the bike and the back tire just drags. I have to be in nuetral to move the bike when it is off.

Riding O-wells this week, I had to shift without the clutch as it is difficult regardless if I use the clutch or not to shift? It is a crapshoot if I get the right gear as it takes some force to get it into gear.

My foot shift lever was bent during a crash and I replaced it. Could this be caused by a bent shaft inside the housing or my cluch plate burnt? :lol:

First, if the plates where toasted the oil will obviously be very dark and smell of burt clutch. How long have you had the bike? being your shift lever was damaged during the crash leads me to think that maybe one of the shift forks might be damaged?

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