Have 426 & have a shot to get 03 450f?

hey Guys I have a 2000 yz426 & love it. I have not done the exhaust cam mod from the 450f yet. I am planning on doing it but haven't yet. Well I bought an extra set of wheels from my bike for my sand tires from a guy. He needs to sell one of his bikes. He has a 2000 426 & a 2003 450f. He ran into some money trouble & needs to get rid of one of them. What are the advantages of the 450 over the 426? Are they significant? If I do the cam mod on my 426 is the 450 still a much better bike? Thanks it will be a stretch to get the $2500 for the 450f. IT is a smokin deal though! Help:bonk: :lol:

I think the 03 will be a big improvement over the 426. The 03 is a blast, not refined like an 06 or 7 but quite a bit better than the '00. If the bike is in good shape I think $2500 is a good deal I paid $2700 and see the '03 pretty regularly for around $2,900

I've rode the 03 YZ450. They are good bikes, but I didn't like the 4 speed. It felt like I was always in the wrong gear.

I did this exact thing. I went from a 2000 426 to an 03 450. Do it. I was instantly faster in every way with less effort. The bike is lighter feeling, better suspension, flies better, more power. All the way around a very good upgrade for anybody. Not to mention the starting thing which was never an issue for me but I don't miss the drill.

I forgot to mention the brakes, huge improvement. As for the 4 speed, after a couple rides, you will love it. The engine has more than enough pull for less gears. Makes it easier to ride than the 426, less shifting more throttling.

Thanks for the info guys. I'm working on trying to scrape the dough together. May end up sticking with my 426 for now. Hopefully I can figure something out to get the 450. Either way Thanks for the info. Sounds like it is a good upgrade

the 2000 426 has the most reliable head. Titanium valves are cool but do not last as long. Some would beg to differ but I see more Ti-valved motors being parted out due to valve failure than the 2000. Set me straight if I am wrong.

Assuming the same production each year, there would be twice as many Ti valve 426's than there are 2000 models, and over 6 times as many if you count the 450's. That can skew your perception somewhat. The fact is that Yamaha's OEM Ti valves are the best in the business, and are as reliable as any SS valves I know of except perhaps their own, which are, as you say, rather extraordinary.

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