Checking in

Just bought a '03 yz450f (and a yz250f for my son) and thought I'd say hello. First dirt bike I've owned in nearly 30 years.

Welcome! You definately picked a gnarly bike. The '03 YZ450Fs are said by many to be the hardest hitting stock 450 ever made. Get ready for lots of wheelies and make sure you do your maintenance. (air filter, oil, oil filter and valves every 6 months or so) If you do those simple things it will never let you down.

Welcome! there are a lot of great people here at TT with expertise in all areas. i admire your jumping in to the 21st century dirt bike scene head 1st. i've had some of my best memories with my son in the mud. i think you'll find they've made a few improvements since the pentons, maicos, & huskys were the high-tech dirt kings.

Thanks guys. I never left bikes just haven't been on the dirt in many years. My brother bought a KTM SM a few months ago and after taking it for a ride I couldn't resist jumping back in with both feet. Penton' that was a bike! :confused: Not that I want to date myself any worse than I already did but the last dirt bike I owned was a Husky 250 cross same year my brother was riding around on a Maico 450. :lol:

Hey welcome to TT. Good luck with the new steeds. I'm sure you'll have a blast with your son.

I did the same thing, no riding for 20 + years and bought an 03 450 this season and a yz 85 for my son. We've had a blast. If you search you'll find tons of useful info for your bike. Depending upon the riding you do you may want to consider a flywheel weight and a little suspension work. The suspension for your application will make all the difference in how you feel about your purchase. By the way, I really love the way the 03 hits, I think it can be used to your advantage.

What kind of riding do you do?

did the same about 3 yrs ago. now the "kid" is seventeen and out running me....... It was the best thing we ever did. quality time.

what part of texas ?????????

we are in the panhandle and ride the canadian river and local lakes like mckenzie.

What kind of riding do you do?

I guess that's yet to be determined but we live within a mile of Sam Houston National Forest and 10 minutes from 3palms.

Welcome to TT. :lol:

Welcome to TT, these four strokes are a different animal than our old 2 smokes!!Enjoy.


I have an 05 YZ450 and am getting my son a YZ85 soon. He didn't like the weight of the other bikes. So we'll try this.. It will be good to compare notes.

Welcome back to riding, some of the best times are spent at the track with your family. Nothing like the drive home after a good day of riding or racing. I bought my first new bike 01 YZ250F after 25yrs of building a family, my 1st 450 was the 03yz. What a bike, great fun, I did a 8oz flywheel weight and that's about it. My son and I starting racing at the same time, him on a 80 and my 250F, it wasn't to long after, he starting racing my 250F and left the 80 home, when I got my 450 it wasn't long after that he started riding my 450and the story goes. Have a great time with your new hobby!!

Thanks Gord. I've been having a ball on the 450. Man, what a bike! I haven't taken my street bike out of the garage since Christmas eve. :lol:

Welcome, enjoy the new bikes!

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