New '06 450

Picked up my new 450 on Christmas Eve (Merry Christmas to me... from me). Had my first ride today and it's awesome but it pops a lot on deceleration... what jetting should I run at sea level?

:lol::confused: :confused: Just kidding, I've read all about the jetting.

Anyway, this bike is the shiz-nite... but you all knew that already.

Congrats! I pick up my '06 on Feb 2nd and I can't wait. I'll be putting in an 48 pj and 170 main with the '07 needle.

Go out and get an adjustable fuel screw while your at it, I bought the GYTR version and it's holding up nicely, makes things a lot easier

the 06 is awasome!!! i cant wait till spring!

the 06 is awasome!!! i cant wait till spring!

It sure is! I've already got about 20 hours on mine since I picked it up 2 weeks ago but's it's already spring down here.

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