Shifting Problem?

I have an 05 WR450. The problem I have is when we come to a stop I click the gears down and will find neutral instead of hitting first. I have to rev the engine to get the bike to go into first. Is this a common occurrance? My clutch seems to be adjusted properly. Should I change to a different oil?

Try downshifting to first while the bike is still moving. This really is not an uncommon thing to any motorcycle. My VTX does the same thing...SC

+1 to what SC said. If you are already stopped just rock it back and forth it should pop right into first. My WR, SV650 and GSXR 750 all do the same thing.

My 05 WR450 does the same thing but as you say if you rock it forward or back it pops into 1st.:lol:

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