WR426 Deals???

I'm looking for a deal on a new WR426 (2001 or 2002). Does anyone know of any dealers in their area who have one and might be willing to deal on it?

Where are you, I have a 2001 with 2.7 miles. I have too many bikes, and won't really ride this much. I bought a KTM dual purpose and have a YZ, a TY, a KDX, and an XR.

email me at dbarney@nwc.com

Yo Lee;

I live in Boulder, one bit of advice. No matter how tempted you are, do not try to deal with Colorado Powersports, DO NOT!!! I bought a YZ426 from them this summer, the bike was a total lemon, it fouled plugs constantly, and they wouldn't help me with it at all. The only thing they kept saying is that it was my "riding style". After 3 and a half months of trying to get them to help me with the bike, they finally traded me a used WR426 to shut me up and to get me off their back. I had to take it, they wouldn't fix my other bike. :) I really like my WR though, and just thought I would try to save you a possible headach.

Have fun with your new bike, maybe catch you up at West Mag. :D:D


I have an 01 wr 426 with 200 miles. Scotts triple clamp,protapers,skidplate, Here in grand junction( 4 hours) for sale if you are interested

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