XR650L Controls Help....

Got parts (triple clamp and fork brace) in late Friday. Have to attend a funeral today and will try to slip away early enough to get them installed this evening (will take pictures). Now if I can only get the daily frog strangling rain to ever stop.

Got triple clamp installed and it looks good. Only issue is getting to the key with the ProTaper crossbar pad installed. It can be done; just requires some extra effort. Thanks Rebelventurer for the heads-up about the product and the install help.:lol:



I've been down the road you are going and found only one problem with rising the handlebars up so much.....wheelie factor. I'm 6'4 and went with a higher bar on stock mountings and it's been fine. I rode a friends stocker and was really cramped feeling. Mine is about 2 inches higher than stock and is just right. Don't get too crazy bringing it up or you'll have a really light feeling front end. Just a thought.

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