Headlight mounting xr650r

Hi there!

I’m looking for a better way to secure my plastic baja designs headlight on my xr650r. I saw some pics a while ago where it looks like hose clamps were used to mount the headlight to the forks…I’ve been thinking of fabricating something to achive this (instead of using thoes crappy rubber things), but was wondering if anyone had any info or ideas for me. Thankx ya'll!

Oh, does anyone have an 8in round headlight they want to sell to me?!?!? That would rock! :lol:


Those rubber straps are ok if the light is not a heavier hid variety. I converted a Baja Designs light to hid and mounted all the guts into the shell including the battery pack, dc regulator/rectifier, and the hid ballast which was heavier than the Baja Designs one. Ran the bike on a nearly 800 mile Baja ride and there was just too much weight in there and the rubber straps started to give, but before that the setup really moved around a lot. I went back on BD's website and ordered their mount kit, which I believe is for a Tecate light. This is the aluminum ones with the hose clamps that you mentioned. I think it was about $19. This was the answer as it made the whole light rock solid and now does not budge a bit. For the standard BD light, I still like the rubber straps however for quick on and off.

Found it! thanks alot Outerlimits.....dont know how I missed that on their site.

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