Ricky Stator ?'s

Just installed the new dual 100w headlights. :lol: Also installed the new Ricky Stator 200w stator. Bike ran fine when I warmed it up to drain the oil out of the bottom end. Wired everything up for a single output to work with the lights, tried to start, nothing. :confused: Anyone have this happen or have any ideas?:confused:

You must have unplugged the CDI wire. I think it's black and red, but I'm not sure. That wire supplies the voltage that the CDI uses to make the spark. The lighting coils have nothing to do with the ignition.

While the single output configuration is a little simpler, it has one drawback. If something goes wrong it is more likely to go totally black. Two separate lighting systems would give you a little more redundancy.

Black and red wires are wired together. No spark at the spark plug. Reading the instructions for installation, it should be a plug and play, easy job. Has anyone gotten a bad stator from them?

Did you get it running yet?

Put the stock back in, runs fine. I'm sending it in to have them look at it. They no longer do walk-in service, either. I guess they moved from Santee to North County. Sucks, 'cause I live in Oceanside. I might just get the money back and go with Baja Designs. They're just down the street, too.

This happened to me when I installed mine as well. I called and they helped me out. I forgot what the exact problem was but it was something simple in the stator. Something was facing backwards or the wrong direction. I'll talk to my friend that helped me and see if he remembers. It fired right up after I made the change and has been fine. Try giving them a call.

Hey tunaeater, remember what the problem was? My friend is having the same problem on his 86 XR600.

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