grey wire and hard start, related?

I have a 02 WR426, air box lid removed, throttle stop fixed, spark arrestor removed. I just cut the dreaded grey wire and now it is harder to start and keep running. I do have to leave the choke on longer too. At the risk of sounding like a real dumb AS*, I have to mention the temp has dropped from 30-40F to 10-20F since last time I rode. I am at about 1000ft. above sea level(Southern Ohio). Would the temp change make that much of a difference?

Lastly, with these mods will re-jetting be necessary?

I also have a 02 wr426, just cut the grey wire and not had a chance to ride it much, have not noticed it being harder to start, but did notice a little bog off the bottom end. I am going to try to adjust the fuel screw or may go to a 45 pj. Am runinig stock except the grey wire and a stroker baffle.

I just can't beleive this bike, traded up from an xr250, man what a difference!!


Yea, I know what you mean. The last bike I rode regularly was an '80 Honda CR 125 and an '79 Honda MR 175. Nope, I have not ridden for awhile.. Gotta love this bike!

I disconnected the grey wire on my '01 a while back. Except when I sucked a papertowel up into my cylinder head the other day, my bike almost always starts 1st or 2nd kick. The cold weather hasn't made much difference. Adjusted the fuel screw after I put the carb back on to stop the decel. popping.

A thirty degree temp swing will make a bigger difference in an area with a higher humidity so it seems than one with a lower humidity to start with. You drop below freezing in ohio and the air gets a bunch dryer. When I start a bike in colder weather lots of times I screw the air screw into about 1/2 a turn. I adjust out as it warms up later in the ride,,usually about 20 mins.

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