06 vs 07

are there any major differences between them and if so is there enough to warrant getting an 06 vs an 07. other than the price difference

Not to much. 06 you can get yellow, and 07 you can get white. Also 07 has a quiter pipe, wave rotors and like every year; lighter parts.

From yamaha:

New for 2007:

Replacing the upper cast triple clamp with a light and strong forging, slightly reducing steering head rigidity, and the use of lighter outer fork tubes; lighter wheel rims and light wave-type brake rotors add up to super-accurate, super-responsive steering.

Increasing the length of the rear shock by 1.5mm provides sharp handling. Replacing steel damping adjusters with aluminum ones removes even more weight from the four-way adjustable, titanium-sprung rear suspension unit.

A more rigid clutch pressure plate helps put power to the ground and dissipates heat more efficiently, especially during partial-clutch operation. Shorter lever stroke with 12-percent reduced effort means instant response.

New, titanium exhaust pipe fattens low- and mid-range power while simultaneously adhering to 2007 AMA noise regulations.

This year's ProTaper aluminum handlebar bend raises the grips 8mm for an expanded cockpit. Forged bar clamps reduce weight for superior handling.

The clutch pull is a huge difference. the 07 pulls like a 125:applause:

I heard they changed the weights on the balancer in the engine on the 07.I know they dont mention it on the usa yamaha website,but they do on the euro site.I checked the part numbers and sure enough it looks like they did.I wonder why they dont mention it on the usa site?

I here the 07 turns better but is down on power or different on delivery. I bought the 06 Yellow 50TH and I saw reviews that said it was too powerful well I don't know who writes this stuff but 06 works great and power delivery after jetting is superior I believe to the CRF. It also feels very light and controlable in the air I couldn't see the need for spending $1,000 to $1,200 more for the white one with wave rotors.

The clutch pull is a huge difference. the 07 pulls like a 125:applause:

i never been on 125, so 07 pull is easier to pull compared to the 06?

You have to also ask yourself how long you will keep it. The '07 will always have a better resale value than the '06 for the next dew years because it is an '07.

The 06 runs better while the 07 is quieter, the 06 has great straight line stability while the 07 turns more aggressively, the suspension is exceptional on both. the 07 has refinements beyond what is advertised, the frame is cleaner, less material is used, welds are smaller, the sub frame has holes in theback to lighten it. Everything fits just a little better, every bolt has a counter sunk head to reduce weight.

I have an 06 and 07 in the garage side by side, in a million pieces no less.

I have an 06 and 07 in the garage side by side, in a million pieces no less.

sounds like mine....... :lol:

I debated the same thing a few ago and just opted for the '06 which I just broke in this morning. I used the money I saved over the '07 to buy a bunch of parts and some new Gaerne SG10s. I adjusted my shocks to give me the same steering angle of the '07 and put in the needle they are using on the '07 so I got about half of this years benefits for $10. I can still 1 finger shift my '06 so I'm not sure how much better the '07 would be in that category and the handlebars are preference so I'm not sure if I'd like the '06, '07 or other set. This is what I used to make my decision but what works for me isn't for everyone.

they are both badass! ride blue!

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