Help on gearing

Need some more top speed and have done all the standard mods talked about here but need some more top speed. Whats a good final drive ratio.

Guess I should have mentioned that I have a 98 WR400 with the stock ratio of 14/50.

First of all if you really need more top speed you should buy an XR 650! No, just kidding. Throw on a 15 tooth counter shaft sproket and if that is not enough then go smaller on the rear sproket. This is very common here in So Cal for desert riding. Eric

i was running 15/48 and i was green laning in mud 'n gloop!


Check out this thread for a table with gearing - speed info.

Table thread

i have been running 15/49 on my WR... on gps i get 98mph, depending on the wind direction... and thats fine with me... hope it helps!

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