Got my 03 yz cam

I picked up my 03 YZ cam today to install in my 99 wr400. :lol: I have a hot cams shim kit on the way and a compression release plug as well. I'm planning on installing it next weekend. I know there are tons of threads describing the process, but I was wondering if anyone had any last minute suggestions for me that might make the process go more smoothly? I have already downloaded the instructions that have been posted in this forum so many times. I'm just looking for any caveats or special advice anyone may have. Thanks.


The YZ cam installs the same way as the WR cam, just follow your manual. I'm not sure what your experience level is, but here are a few other tips:

-Put a rag down the void where the timing chain is before you undo the cam caps. This will prevent the half moon clip from falling into the engine.

-Have a quality 1/4" drive torque wrench in inch/pounds handy for retightening the cam caps. It's important to get those spot on. Too tight/loose and you'll have problems. A 1/4" universal joint helps too.

-Get the set of three double-blade shim tools from Motion Pro. They're small and angled and work well for determining clearances.

-When you do your shims, do them one at a time. The buckets also have to go back in the exact spot they came from, and pulling them all at the same time can get confusing. A template can also help if you are compelled to yank 'em all at once.

-Get some good assembly lube as recommended in the manual. Bel-Ray makes some good stuff, and even though it has moly in it, don't worry, it won't cause your clutch to slip as you only need a light coating.

-Make sure the bike is clean before you remove the valve cover. The internals get mad when a dried dirt clod falls in the valvetrain.

-Go slow, take your time, post on the board if you run into trouble. It's really not that hard, just a bit intimidating. Once you've done it the first time, it's a snap the next.


SC pretty much covered it. Here is a link on valve adjustment you might find helpful. The biggest tip in on instructions 8 & 9. When you think you have everything correct, before you put the cover back on, crank it over slowly with the plug out to make sure the valves don’t hit etc. It’s not tough, just take you time and let us know how it goes! :lol:

Oh and make sure you have the correct torque wrench to tighten the cams in place.

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