YZ426F wont kick over... And...

Hey there all, picked up a '01 YZ426 for parts today way, way cheap and while I plan on parting it out, but just wanted to pick the collective brain here on TT and see if there is a common problem with these bikes. This isn't a compression issue but the kickstarter it self won't budge even a bit. I rocked it through the gears with the comp release in and can hear chuffing as I rock it back and forth in gear so the engine doesn't seem scattered or locked up and the bike will move in gear with the clutch in. The fellow said it readily bump starts and runs well (yeah right,eh?) but as it was bought as a parts bike I haven't tried yet and I can't play it for a couple of days due to a riding trip this weekend.

I have (had) no plan to keep it but a little voice in the back of my mind says "if it runs, ride it". Please fire away with ideas and I appreciate any and all responses. A $250 dirtbike has a certain appeal and if it gets thrown down, so what.

Part 2

Any references to "wr'izing" a yz426f. It could make a fun dirt cheap play/woods (yeah, I know heavy) possible DP bike. Will the WR ignition setup bolt on for lights? I imagine the heavier flywheel might well smooth out the hit of the bike. Any other tips.


Is it hydro-locked? I've got water in engines before in the heavy river riding we do and have had to turn the bike up on it's end to let water out before the kick starter would even budge.... just an idea. You might take off the big cap on the left engine cover and put a socket/ratchet on the flywheel bolt (it's a 14mm if I remember correctly on that bike) and see if it will manually turn over. Also, make sure you only go clockwise.

Let us know.


Pull the sparkplug and try turning it over by the flywheel nut or by pushing it in high gear to ensure everything is free. Maybe a small piece of something is stuck in the kickstart gears? It's easy to pull the right side cover and take a look at everything there. You might end up with a good running bike, sounds like a good price even if it doesn't run.

As far as putting the WR stator and rotor on, it's a fairly simple bolt on procedure. I'm sure it's on the board somewhere, a quick search should give you all the answers you need.

Thanks for the replies and I will check the hydro lock scenario and report. Please keep comments and ideas coming. Off to Tx for some riding this weekend. By the way I spent several hours researching and searching here and elsewhere and found not a great deal dealing with this problem or the YZ to WR thing.


Check the kickstart return spring. Have heard of them breaking and jamming the lever tight.

Thanks for the tip on the spring. Back from a great time riding in the Austin area this weekend at Cherokee cycle park. Monday or Tues I am going to first pull the plug and try to kick or push it in geat, check for hydro lock and listen for obvious clatter or other metallic distress. As I said, the fellow I bought it from did say it ran if you bump started it, I didn't verify it as I was buying it anyway to part out.

If it does fire I am still going to pull the clutch cover. Though not my first (or second...) choice for play or woods bike the idea of a really inexpensive runner is intriguing. Perhaps if the engine is really toast I can stuff a YZ 250 engine in it to play with. HMMMMM...

Have a safe and happy new year all!


If its turns out to be a runner-you got a steal! i have a '02 yz426f that i ride nothing but tight trails with. rejetted carb-fmf power core 4 with power bomb-added 14oz steahly flywheel-changed gearing to 12/53-put wr spring on the rear shock-revalved the front-rekluse zstart clutch & couldn't be happier with trail performance. if ya don't get stuck ya never notice the 250lbs...good luck & have fun.

I hope it works out for you.

It sounds like you might just get lucky.. :lol:

Tried push starting today and didnt get it running but it does kick through without strange noises. Ton's of compression. I towed it a bit with my truck and tried bump starting it but think I wetted the plug. I am going to pull the plug and check for spark tomorrow as time permits. Kicking a big thumper is SO different from a smoker!. The '05 wr 250 I am riding now is great fun and runs very nicely but the magic button rocks. Ultimately it may well may go on the block for a YZ 250 I have my eye on....


The 426 is almost an art, especially without auto-decompression, but once you get it down it's a snap. Even after not having been started for a couple months and freezing temperatures it started on about the 3rd or 4th kick yesterday... I say swap the plug out and give it a shot.


My YZF400 did that and it ended up being a bent valve, because the timing chain had stretched. Easy to tell by taking off the head and looking. I would try as a last resort.

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