When is EFI coming?

the wr,s in australia are fully street legal with no mods straight from the dealer

they are not legal in North america, they sell them exactly the same as the ones we buy here, been there, asked about that before, go to thier site and they look the same as ours only they are allowed to get them liscenced somehow, with no liscence plate bracket, brake light or high beam headlight.......

Sorry to off subject but stop by a Suzuki dealer and compare the tanks on a new DRZ400 to a DRZ400S, one is plastic and one is steel, guess which one is USA street legal? Why would Suzuki spend the money for two different tanks? Because they want to.

Back on subject: I am a big fan of mere-mortal repairable devices and EFI is not one of them and a carburetor is. Maybe in 4 or 5 years after other customers (guinea pigs) have funded the debugging I will be interested. I have bad dreams of 3 or 4 hundred dollar ECMs getting wet or hot and dying.

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