Idiot needs help with lacing

I'm new to TT and am a first time lacer. I saw a thread on lacing wheels that had an RK/Excel representative showing how to do one. My problem is that I am an idiot and did not take a picture of my spoke pattern. Any Honda XR650L folks have a picture or diagram of their back wheel....Or thread pattern?


-The Streakman

Welcome to TT, No your not an idiot, look at the front wheel its laced the same way. Its an opposing cross inside ends of spokes go opposite direction with every spoke crossing every other spoke twice once close to hub once at about mid point between hub and rim, on the same side of the hub. I hope I helped? good luck! Got a staand set up to true it with? :lol:

Thanks.. I was planning on using the swingarm. Is that a bad idea?

Far from idiot. How many members here do you think have laced a wheel? Not many. Plus, they come apart so easy, one would think putting it back together would be a piece of cake


Swingarm will work perfect, as long as its not too low. get it figured out? its not really that hard, you just have too take your time.

Welcome to Thumpertalk, streakman1....

Your braver then me...That is something I would not attempt myself...:confused:

Keep us informed on how it turns out.....:lol:


Thanks.. I was planning on using the swingarm. Is that a bad idea?

I cut up some coat hanger and make "L" bends and then duct tape them to the swingarm as guides / pointers. I run a piece of duct tape from one side of the swingarm to the other just missing the outer edge of the rim. This let's me check for high spots (out of round). Have the ends of the coat hanger just about touch the sides of the rim for side to side adjustments. If the rim touches the pointer then tighten the spokes on the opposite side to pull the rim away from the pointer. Just don't tighten one spoke but at least three or more on the side you need to pull in. As the spokes get tighter, you might have to losen some spokes on one side and then tighten others on the oposite side. Also, tighten every third nipple rather than every nipple and at first just snug up the nipples so there is about the same spacing from the very end of the nipple to the base of the spoke. This will help keep the wheel round and not develop a high spot. Keep going around the rim and after you make one revolution, skip to the very next nipple and start over, again going to every third nipple. Only tighten the nipple maybe a quarter of a turn as you work your way around the rim. Take your time and keep going around and around. Once the spokes are snug, as you go around the rim, you should be checking for trueness and making adjustments as needed. Continue going around and around. 1/4 turns only... more than this will/ could lead to high spots that take a lot of adjustment to get out.

The swingarm works great (Forks too for the front) and also helps to center the rim to the frame rather than relying on offset specs.

Sorry if this is a bit confusing... it's easier to show someone than try to write it down.

Lacing is easier than most people think!

Potts, good reply! Though I would reccomend adding a piece of tape to the ends of the coat hanger.

Get it done yet?

Post a picture, show everyone its not as hard as they think it is!

Try a 10" wheel they are a pain, thought they would be easier because their smaller, wrong.

Not done yet!! I had some household issues to resolve and I will begin the truing today. I will send pics when finished. Thanks for all of the great advice. Potts, your description gives me hope. Doesn't sound too bad.

Thanks again- The Streakman

I would like to thank everyone for their input with regards to the lacing endevour. I have finally completed my work and feel pretty good about it. I will do it again when needed. I ended up lacing the wheel, then using a micrometer, I went around tightening all of the spokes inner disk, inner sproket, outer disk, outer sproket until the hub was just a little loose. Then I placed it on the swingarm and used potts reccomendation with regards to the hanger approach..(rebelventurer, I did use duct tape around the ends making sure not to scratch the rim)... and then I defined each spoke with four small different colored zip ties at the initial starting point. From there, I tightened the spokes with the screwdriver one quarter turn until the spokes began to get equally stiff. I then paid close attention to the swingarm duct tape to ensure High/low, then the clothes-hanger to ensure side-to-side. I continued this until it was as true as I could make it. So close, I couldn't tell if there was wobble or high/low. I would continue to guess myself. After that, I went back to my initial zip-tie starting point, and torqued them disk side inner, sprocket side outer, disk side outer then lastly sproket side outer. I then drilled an extra hole for my second rim lock and placed some new rubber on the new rim. I am sooooooooo stoked!! Here are some pics.... Thanks a million for everyone at TT that gave me help and their blessings. You guys are the greatest!

I have no idea how to post pictures. Any advice?

100_0901.jpgI think I figured it out. Hope this works... Here is the final product.100_0897.jpg


Looks like you figured the lacing and picture part out! I managed to post one in my garage but have had a terrible time updating them with new ones and pictures of my kids bikes :lol:

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