crf450x fender installed on a xr650L pics

heres some pics of my latest mod,the led running light and brake light are way brighter then the ufo set up I had,I plan on mounting my license plate on the back side of the battery brace,goto figure that bracket out yet.

enjoy the pics

fender 001.jpg

fender 002.jpg

Nice and clean. Are you running a Pro Taper bar? I ordered one last week with the mounts. how do you like'em?

I have them just did'nt install them yet,im waiting for the adapter.

hey drtlvr were you at? i'am in deerfield. I work around madison and sometimes dodgeville.

I live in manitowoc,I have a cottage in crandon,so I do alot of riding up there.

how hard was it make that rear fender fit on the xr? can you show a pic with the seat off?



Yeah I would like to see a pic of the fender mounting as well. Looks good

heres some pics for you guys,on the top mount I used the threaded insert that came with the fender,on the sides I used some ss allen bolts you can see by my measurements where to locate these,overall it was pretty simple to mount,the hardest thing was figuring out how much to chop off,if you need more pics let me know,the whole set up costed around $60.00


fender 003.jpg

fender 004.jpg

fender 001.jpg

fender 002.jpg

misc pics 148.jpg

one more thing when installed at these measurements you will have a slight gap on the top of the fender,I think this is because the crf seat is alot narrower and it goes back alittle further,but know need to worry just mount your fender bag right over it.

ps, I will not be held responsible for how cool your bike will look after this mod.

have fun

You guys know about the Maeir MX fender that is a bolt on?

does the maer fender have a l.e.d running and brake light?

It does after i installed the baja design one.

Nice lookin ride, drtlvr......:lol: Nice job on the fender...:confused:


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