TM Designworks chainslider won't fit 2006 ?

I just tried to install a TM Designworks 2 stage Chain Slide-n-Guide chainslider on my 2006 YZ450F. The top hole matches up perfectly, but the bottom hole is 8 to 10 mm short. Anybody else have this problem??

I tried to call TM Designworks, but they are on vacation from 12/19 through January 1st. I think they may have put the wrong part in the bag.

Try giving Zip-Ty Racing a call at 1-760-244-7028. I just ordered a TM Design kit for my '07 YZ450F from them. I installed two sets of TM Design kits on my other bikes last year without a problem. My guess would be you the wrong part or a defective one.

Mine fitted perfectly, except the allen bolt holding the stock slider on was stripped.

This happendd to me three times in a row !!!

After contacting TM designworks and explaining my sistuation it appears that Motosport has their head up the a$$. Their entire inventory is mislabeled. They are sending out the 2002-2004 chain slider in bags labeled 2005-06. The only difference between the 2002-4 part and the 2005-07 part is that the 2005-07 part has noise suppression foam covering 3/4 of the length on the inside of both the top and the bottom while the 2002-04 part foam only covers the rear 40% of the inside. Also the bottom whole on the 2002-04 part is 3/16 farther forward than the 2005-07 part.


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