07 WR rad guards

Can anyone from lucky 07 Wr owners (bastards!) tell if 06WR rad guards will fit the 07 bike? All the relevant manufacturers have no specific 07 models yet. Same question about the rear brake reservoir protection - do I need a new one or the old model will do? Thanks. :lol:

I dont think they fit.

I don't think they will fit, but Factory Conection has a set for sale.

I think you are talking about the shrouds not gaurds the shrouds will not fit the older models.

Works Connection sent me back an email saying they hope to have some by Feb.

Sorry butthet will not fit. All the mounting holes are different and the frame mountings are also different. Fortunately they are not that expensive to replace. Good Luck. New bikes are great, you wont worry about the radiator onec you get the bike, trust me.

Thanks guys. Seems like WC will make some in Feb.

Being a :confused: rider as I am - I never take the new bike out to the woods without radiator guards... Anyway our snow will will melt away by March only (hopefully):lol:

Seems like 07 rads are completely new.

I am not sure about the radiator guards, but the '06 YZ Mater cylinder guard fits.

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