4.6 Gal IMS tank for XR650R

I am wondering how many use the 4.6 tank? Is it bulky feeling when full, and how well does the design utilize all the fuel in the tank? Do you need to really tilt it over to get the fuel in the "reserve" over to the other side? Please comment if you can. Thanks...:lol:

Dont know aboot the IMS but, I ride w/ the 4.3 gal clarke tank and have no problems with it at all.

The fit is great and the plastic is tough. I highly recommend it! You do have to lean it WAAAAYYYY over to use all the fuel. I dont see that as a problem though...I think of it as security (harder to run out of fuel?).

As for the ride with a full tank...I've never ridden the bike with a smaller tank...so I know no better.... I dont feel it adversely effects the ride at all...For me it's worth it for the extra range...I go about 130 miles before I fill up.

I would agree with Maroast in that laying the bike over for the extra gas is really not a big deal and by the time you get down that low, there is really not that much left anyway. I have the 4.6 and am happy with it. Only had to slightly modify one of the radiator shrouds to get a good fit. You can feel the weight when full, but that will be the case with any big tank. From what I understand the IMS 3.2 is actually slimmer than the stocker, but not really the way to go if you are on long unsupported rides like in Baja. For just day rides, it would be my choice however.

I have it on my bike and I dont notice the weight at all and I even have another 3.3 under the seat. One problem though is having to lift the tank slightly to change the spark plug.

You can definately feel the 4.6 when full on long hauls, but the power will make up for that..Wide open through the dez, the gas will make it's way over to the right side, personally, I like being able to squeeze more surface area at 90 MPH:)

I don't find my IMS 4.6 to be intrusive. In fact I'm surprised how slim it is considering its capacity. Yes there is a fair amount of gas left on the left side of the bike though I've only noticed it on dual sport rides on the street. Just consider it your "3rd reserve". That being said if you're riding off road most of the gas will make it over to the petcock before having to lean it over at a stop. This tank also fits perfectly with turn signals supplied with my BD DSK allowing just the right amount of clearance with the steering against the stops.

Anyone have pics of the 3.2 mounted? Don't really need the 4+ but a little more than 70 miles would be nice on the street.


Anyone have pics of the 3.2 mounted? Don't really need the 4+ but a little more than 70 miles would be nice on the street.


you can see pics of the 3.2 on an XR650R if you go to the IMS web site. But other pics would be nice, as well as anyone with pics of a 4.6 mounted to the XRR would be great as well! Thanks guys..:lol:

I just installed a 3.4 IMS in October. I had to trim the shroud on the right about 1/4 inch, but no other problems. I've ridden over 500 miles so far since the new tank. Yes it feels top heavy, but reasonable since it's narrower than stock. I can also go to 100 miles until needing gas, but even then there's still a little left. If you mix single track and desert or open areas, I'd say go for the 3.4... If you are dual-sported, go for the bigger one. Just .02 from me.

I have the IMS 4.6 and think it feels natural for the bike 650R. I had the stock tank and thought 60-75 miles per tank was rediculous for a big bore thumper. I wanted the biggest tank I could get without the looks of the Acerbis 6 gallon tank also known as the mother ship. The IMS 4.6 tank fit perfectly and the color match was right on. As you can probably till I'm a happy customer with my IMS tank.

I have been running the same IMS 4.6 since my first XR650R which I purchased in Sept of 2000. And now that same tank is on the XR650R that I traded my old one in on. The tank has over 8000 miles on it. It is a bit weathered looking (scratched and bleached out). It fit right from the beginning with no problems. The only time I really notice the tank is in the tight woods but then I ride the bike pretty slow in those conditions so it does not matter.

I have the 3.2 on my bike and it works great!!!!!!!! before a bought the 3.2 I once borrow the 4.8 from a friend and when I was riding standing up it hit my balls a few times, I'm only 5'8" and I din't like the fit but I guess it all about choices for my the 3.2 works and I do a lot of riding in baja long rides , single track and it fits great. I think you should ask your self if yoou really need the big tank or is it just for looks?

sorry for my $0.02

I have the IMS 4.6 in the natural color. First thought I would only use it for the long rides then switch back to the stocker. After trying it out it's only been off the bike for valve adjustments. I found it much more comfortable than the stocker. It felt slightly slimmer and easier to grip with my knees. That's a lot of gas so, yeah, I do feel the weight a bit when it's topped off but it's not a big thing. Nothing that upsets the handling or control. The BRP is already a big heavy bike so what's few extra pounds when it keeps you riding, not pushing. Two thumbs up here for the IMS 4.6.

I've been satisfied with my IMS 4.6. For aggressive riding on long rides where I need/want the full capacity (especially in knarly terrain) I can't wait to burn out that first gallon or so. I can really feel the weight. I wish I had the 3.2 for most of my riding. For dual sporting and those really long rides the 4.6 is great but for most pure off-road riding I'm thinking the 3.2 is the way to go.

It's all a compromise. Somebody let me know when you figure out how to get 4.6 gallons in a tank the size of the stocker.

BTW, my 4.6 actually holds 5 full gallons. I guess they "relax" a bit over time.

Show me how the IMS tanks look on your ride...:lol::confused:

On desert rides we quite often go over 100 miles. My XR650R on a good day gets 32 mpg. With a 3.3 gallon tank I would get 105 miles and be bone dry. That is just too close for comfort for me, which is why I went with the 4.6. I am just a hair over 5'8" tall and when I stand I lean my body as far over the bars as I can and have yet to hit my privates on the tank.

I do switch to the stock tank when I know I will be doing 50 mile rides for a few weeks but most of the time I ride with the 4.6. I purchased a fuel valve from Honda so both tanks are set to mount to the bike with no hassles.

I admit that there are many rides where a 3.3 gallon tank is all that one would need. Maybe someday I will find a good deal for one on E-Bay and snap it up.

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