Tube size for my 2003 WR?

I did a search already, and have not found what I am looking for.

Anybody know what size tubes I need for my 21" front rim and 18" rear rim? These are the stock Excel rims on my 2003 WR450.

I am mounting up new Michelin S12 tires, and am putting a 90/90-21 in front, and a 130/80-18 rear. I want to replace my tubes, and I do not know what size to get???

Thank you for your help!

you have answered your own question.

I am not sure which of the following sizes to get, below are the options listed in the catalog:


TR-6 2.75/3.00-18

TR-6 3.25/4.10-18

TR-6 3.75/4.00/4.25-18

TR-6 4.25/5.10-18


TR-6 2.75/3.00-21

TR-6 3.00/3.50-21

click on "store" on the top of the page you are on.

then on the left side, there is a tire comparison chart link

see if that helps ...

I know, it's all confusing with all those numbers .........

you do know your rim size right?

130 mm is about 5 inches. That's the outside of the tire, but you should be able to fit the largest tube in there.

FWIW, I always ran 2.125 tubes in my mtn bike tires, whether they were 1.95 or 2.25. The bigger tubes don't have to stretch as much to fill the tire, but both will work.

Go with the bigger tubes in UHD and they'll probably last forever.

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