Anyone running either a G2 or Rollonthrottle tube?

I am interested in getting to WOT with less pull and have been looking at these two companies, but after looking at the throttle assembly on my 06 I don't see how it would work. There's two small pieces molded inside the throttle housing to help guide the cable that would prevent increasing the ramp height on the tube. What gives?

I have the roll on and love it. My only complaint is a little slack in the cable that I cannot seem to adjust out. Easy install just remove the old one and install the new one.

Do you have the Lightning or the adjustable one?

i just made my own for free....i have wrist problems and i need a quicker is pretty close to an 1/8th turn.

I took a zip-ty and glued it to the tube. works like a champ, for 8-1o rides now.


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