How hard is the 426 and the 400 to start?

How hard are they to start vs the drz400 non button model.

Once you learn the correct drill, which is nothing, they are cake to start. Usually one to three kicks. Not as easy as pushing a button, but easier than many other bikes.

I got my 99 wr400 dialed in.

It will start 3 kicks cold , but after warm one kick..

even if I stall, or lay it over when hill climbing, pull hot start button, one kick..

I have an 01 426 and am height challenged on it, but once I got the routine down I haven't had a problem.

[i have about 70 trail ridden miles on my WR 426 so far. It starts 1st-2nd kick when cold. It usually starts 1st kick when hot. I don't need the hot start under normal restarting when hot.I went from an 96 XR250R to the WR.

The WR starts easier and stays running easier. QUOTE]

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