O-ring Chain?

I used Maxima synthetic chain guard for the first time and it was like a magnet for dirt so I'm assuming I did something wrong. I washed my bike after a ride, let it air dry for a day, applied Maxima and let that dry for a day and then went riding. After about an hour the dust from our sandy track had collected on the chain and looked like I rode through a mud bog. Maybe I put too much Maxima on but I moved as fast as I could around the chain so as not to spray too much but it does come out of the straw pretty darn fast.

How are you guys applying Maxima? Do you do one time around on each side (to the right and left of the sprocket) or just one pass in the center of the chain? Of all the things I've used on my chain this was the messiest so far. It seemed very watery compared to some of the thicker chain guards I've used and it was still noticeably wet after air drying for 24 hours. I did like how easily it came off with a grunge brush though so I guess even if it does get caked on it's easy to clean.

Also, will Simple green hurt the chain? Actually is there anything I shouldn't get simple green on? I thought I read somewhere that it was too harsh for something on the bike and I thought it was the chain but obviously not if you guys are recommending it.

That doesn't happen to me. I apply it by running a pass on both sides of the chain where the inner roller meets the plate while the rear wheel is turned. It feels nearly dry after 12 hours. My climate is quite a bit less humid than yours, but I'm not sure how that relates to the dry time of a synthetic oil based solvent.

I wash it off with Simple Green and a garden hose sprayer, and have for years, with no apparent ill effects. The main thing with SG is to rinse thoroughly.

Thanks GR, I just went for round 2 with Maxima so we'll se how it goes tomorrow.

Tried and true chain washing the 4z way:

1. Place bike on stand and use grunge brush to remove dried soild and sand.

2. Prerinse the chain with garden hose, then brush clean with soapy water, lather, rinse, repeat if necessary :lol:

3. Either ride bike down the road or operate the bike in gear on a stand for a few minutes. This helps to evacuate water from the chain which will keep drops from sneaking by the orings.

4. Put bike back on stand, spray lightly with WD40, then wipe down with a rag.

5. Apply Bel Ray Super Clean chain lube and store the bike.

I learned this method back in 2001 and have stuck to it, right or wrong.

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