info on 98 wr 400f

hi everybody,

Ive been meaning to acquire a farm fresh 98 model wr 400f, and i'd like to get some info on it. Is it an only kick start model? what else can i do to make it road legal?I intend to use it for dual purpose , How can i improve performance aside from the ones listed in the sticky?the bike im looking at has been used in the farm only and has low mileage around 3000miles on it.tnx for the response in advance

It's a kick only bike as e-start began in 2003. Road legal depends on what your state/country requires. Call your local DMV and find out. As far as performance goes, make sure the free mods are done, jet it properly, think about an aftermarket pipe. Beyond that, you have to get into the engine to increase performance, i.e. cams, cylinder work, etc...SC

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