Ice Racing RULES!!!

I tried my hand at ice racing(actually riding, I wouldn't call what I was doing racing!!) I have some friends that have finally talked me into trying it. I coughed up the 500.00 dollars plus for tires(OUCH!!!), rejetted, set the bike up my self, and gave it a try. I cannot believe the amount of traction you get out of studded tires on the ice, simply amazing!! I was dragging my pegs, because I was leaned over so far. My KX was an absolute rocket, but my buddies WR400 was MUCH easier to ride(A little thing called "engine braking")I HIGHLY recommend trying it, if any of you guys get a chance!! Take care !!


I also recommend riding the ice! The faster the bike the better! I've been using my old '94 CR500 the last few years but now I'm looking for a new set for the new bike. How's the ice in 'Sconnie? It might be too thin here in MN still. I can't wait to ride again!!!!!

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