650L suspension

Ok, I can live with the rear but I'm hopeful there is something I can do to the front. Considering new springs. Any advice will be greatly apreciated.

I'm getting ready to switch over to inverted forks on mine, i'll let you know how it works out... nice pics in your garage btw, looks like some nice riding areas.

Thanks, I'll be sure to check back.

underwatersimon what is it with the front that you don't like so we can offer more help and point you in the right direction to fix the problem:prof: :lol:

They are just sorta mushy I guess, Going to put higher bars on first and see how that feels.

Sorry, they seem to go up fairly abruptly at times and don't seem to be comming down at an appropriate rate. Forks have a single compression dampening screw on the bottom. I am @200lbs. and will gladly suffer on the pavement if it means more managable on the trail. I will continue to adjust/experiment but was mainly wondering if anyone has considered or completed a similar mod and how it works. I do have a suspension tuning company in my area but I'd like to have some sortof idea whats available before I walk through there door.

Check this out, http://www.racetech.com/evalving/English/mctype.asp

I changed to a 15w fork oil and put 2 cc more in each leg and am not running any air in them, two clicks out from full firm on the compression screws.

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