Temp guage idea!

Been reading how everyone is using the XR'S only temp dipstick but thought the price and the needle bounce on the guage was unacceptable.So I got to thimking why not a digital temp guage that RC cars use on there cyl heads. I used to use them on my nitro racers and the temps ranges far exceed what my 06 650l will ever hit.The sensor clips to the cyl head preferably at the back by the carb so wind flow doesnt give you a false temp and the little digital guage could be positioned below the ign key or anywhere on the triple clamp.Anyone out there doing this or am I getting all geeked out for nothing?Prices on these digital guages are $20.00 to 35.00 dollars which blows the dipstick away and no needle bounce.


But thats not oil temperature, thats cooling fin temperature. Besides the wires on the rc car temp gauges are not long enough to go to the triple clamp, also how well is that going to stand up to the elements. Not to be disrespectfull mind you its a good idea, I just do not see it lasting more than a few days. I had one on my revo, and it mounted inside a small lexan box but only lasted a few days and was not accurate at all compared with the infra red temp gun.

And what needle bounce mine is solid as a temp gauge, no bounce at all, got it for $30 and it never needs batteries!

Alright bubble bursted but you got to admit you can lenghten the wire to the probe and cyl temp is relevent to oil temp so u should be able to get a base temp on the cyl head at normal operating levels and figure out when the eng is getting hot.


Oh and 30 bucks is alot cheaper than what I've read other riders pay for theres.And u say no needle bounce, I think I will try one out and if it sucks oh well 30 bucks wont break the bank.


Yeah, I am tickled to death with mine, It seems pretty accurate, I would say within 5 degrees anyway. Try sending an email to rideaide@hotmail.com or call xrs only shipping dept. ask for Kamell at 760-244-2626. One more thing the more you buy the better the deal will be, but ask for a discount when he emails you back which sometimes can take a couple days.

Only thing with lengthening the wires on the temp gauge would be how much that would throw the gauge off?

True didnt think about the resistence factor. Thanks for the tip on who to contact bout the temp stick rebelventure.Happy New years:thumbsup:


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