Anyone got a OEM odometer drive for a 98 XR600R?

I thought my front wheel bearings were bad but it turns out the stock odometer drive is bad. I know a lot of people just get rid of them and run after market wheel spacers so maybe someone has one they want to sell. I think any 92-00 XR600R will work.


just ordered a new front spacer for my 2000 xr650r and not going to use the old one don't know if it will work for you

let me know

I will check the part numbers and let you know. Thanks for the response

Go look at the Free To a Good Home for Honda parts. I think there is one there that will work.

**Edit** under the Clasifieds. I forgot that part sorry.

Are the gears stripped? mine was makeing a scary noise so i disconnected it. later i took it apart the gears were fine. i cleaned it up and packed it with grease ( don't know if you are supposed to) but anyways it works fine now.

No mine is cracked all the way threw.

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