1994 XR 600 questions

I'm new to this forum and I have a few questions about the 1994 XR 600 I just looked at.

It looks like it's in good shape. Has a Baja Designs street legal kit....currently registered in CA. Desert tank and Renthal bars. Seller says it has a new top end? I don't know what that means??

So anyway, when I got done taking it for a ride brought it back and noticed a little oil dripping on the ground........should I be concerned about this?

He's asking $1200 or so.....I think I could probably get it for a grand.

Any thoughts, suggestions, advice would be much appreciated.



thats not a bad price if it runs good and has cali tags thats a plus.the oil leak may just be a cover gasket or something simple but look and see if you can see where it is coming from.

If it's plated and in fair shape that's a great price. Ride it and check all the gears and make sure third is good (no escessive noise). I'm always worried when it comes to a great deal.

Welcome to TT! Very impressive for a newbie, a second opinion is always good! A new top end is refering to the piston, rings, sleeve or over bore, and valvetrain components. Stock the bore was 97mm if its bored over make sure its not more than a 100mm and inquire about compression ratio. They run hot with a lot of over bore and if the compression ratio is above 10.5 to 1 you will need race gas to keep it from detonating, $6-9 a gallon. I would ask for receipts (if none available I would walk away) to see exactly what parts were replaced, and who did the work and how long ago it was done. If it was recent go talk to who did the work, see if they remember it, and why did it get a new top end. And definately look to see where the oil is coming from! I know it sounds like a lot of work but there is no such thing as a good deal,(you must research and verify which takes time and is added to the cost of the bike) without doing your homework you will be regretting it later.

If you get a bike that is going to be a nightmare to keep running, or always having to work on it, believe me you do not want to throw your money away on that, even if it is just a grand, its not worth the frustration. When I am looking to buy a used bike I look for bone stock bikes, you know exactly what you have, and chances are it has had an easier life than one with a bunch of cool stuff added to it.

Good luck, let us know what you do.

ive got a 94 XR250L for sale and asking $1200 negotiable...

of coarce this bike has never been rebiult...in my experience with Honda and the XR's they are nearly bulletproof...

make sure you no who did the rebiuld, if it was done right there should be no problem....

but as rebel said i would look for something newer with nothing done to it but checked valves and changed oil

shoboat90, Welcome to Thumpertalk...Enjoy the ride.....


$1200 is a very good deal for a plated 600 in California. Seems people around here list them for $2000 or so.

Do you know where the oil was leaking from? If it only leaked a bit after running, I question if the top end was really done. When the rings stop sealing well a lot of combustion gases leak past the piston. They go out the crankcase breather and can cause a little oil dripping. This is what happened to my 600. It would drip when coming to a stop. My bike needed ne rings to fix the problem.

Most other leaks are either bad gaskets that leak all the time, or a bad seal where a shaft goes into the engine. These leaks cause oil to go all over the engine and look messy and dirty.

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