yz400 jetting, searched....

did a search and went through about 20 threads but i couldnt find anyone with similar attributes.

i was curious on the ideal jetting setup for my 1998 yz400f completely stock,except the cover on the airbox is gone (the one durectly under the seat...it came like that so i dunno if a cover even exists)


elevation 2200ft all stock.

any ideas?

thanks in advance

Well I don't have any ideas as far as jetting but I know on mine there is no cover over the air filter under the seat.

Call Oregon Trail Yamaha, look them up on the Internet. They are in Baker City, OR. Nick, the mechanic there is pretty good with jetting, he could dial you in for that yz400, I would tell you what I have for mine but it's in the shop and without looking at it, i can't remember.

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