Drilling out Muffler rivets???

Getting ready to repack my 04' YZ450f muffler.

I purchased a Moose Universal 4 stroke kit to repack it with.

I was wondering what size drill bit to use to drill out the old rivets?? The kit comes with new 3/16" rivets; do I use a 3/16" bit to drill out the old ones, or go smaller??

Once I drill them out, do I use a cold chisel or something to break off the heads??

Let me know, those who've done it....


Use a drill larger than 3/16, like a 1/4 or a 5/16, and drill until the head spins free on the drill bit. Then just punch the rest of the rivet in though its original hole.

Thanks Gray, everything came right out.

I left the midpipe attached to the bike. It looks like Yamaha put a section of packing material in the end cap nearest the engine end, and then put the regular packing material in, followed by another section for the end cap at the rear of the bike. Thus there are three "sections" of packing material.

Should I just start wrapping around the perforated pipe, and leave it long enough to fill from one end to the other so that it's simply one entire piece??

I guess you have to estimate just how much packing material will fill the muffler, since it's an oval shape, and you're wrapping a circular pipe.....

Any tips, before I start wrapping it??


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