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Hey guys and gals, heard about this site from several folks/I was the reciepiant of a 04 YZ450F w/less than 30 hrs!!!!! I have a lot of backfiring on deceleration..Any ideas,any help appreciated, also can anyone suggest a good stiff spring for a heavy rider?

check the sticky section of this forum, im sure there is a section on backfiring on 450's and how to fix it. im pretty sure its because your bike

is running lean.

as for the spring, im 250 pounds and i ordered the stiffest spring i could get! ask around and find out what guys your weight are using, it might be trial and error as ifound. i have gone thru 3 rear springs to find the right one.

yeah do like George says.

I think a little backfiring on decel is pretty normal.

If it is excessive you may be a little lean on the main jet.

Oh BTW the header will glo but it is supposed to do that.

don't leave the bike idling too long.

Enjoy. You have a great bike...:lol:

It Has A M4 Exhaust And Does It Glow, Man That Bugar Gets Hot.. Thasnks For The Input

Thanks For The Input

What part of TX are you in?

If it's really popping a lot, check the pipe itself and make sure there are no leaks at the head or where the head-pipe meets the silencer. As far as springs go, check or and use their spring rate calculators. Be sure to get the matching front springs as well.

Congrats on the new bike! Start by going up a main jet size and see how that effects things.

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