Wr450 2005/2006/2007

I've have been going back in forth between WR and KTM exc 2007(KTM mainly for street legal) anyway I"M 99% going WR. I've have a XR 600 plated I'm keeping. The best prices I've have for new 450WR's are as follows :

Price b/4 tax OTD

2005 WR $4899/ $5244.68

2006 WR $5729/ $6130.75

2007 WR $6157/ $6588.30

Two questions is there any notable changes between 05/06 besides computer. I realize a lot for 07. Second question how do these prices look for the respective years.

No real difference between 05 and 06. If you plan on keeping it for for more than a couple of years then buy the 05 and spend the difference on tires and suspension upgrades. If you want to replace it in a couple of years then the resale of the 07 makes it a smarter choice.

I'd go the 05 over the 06 for the $800 saving. With this you could buy radiator guards, bashplate, larger tank, hand guards, higher bars, spare oil filters.

If you're not too worried about the extra bucks, then you could go the 07. But personally I would give them a year to sort out any problems that might occur.

05 save now, 06 will save you when you trade it, simple.

Get the 07. Its 1300 dollars less for your kids to fight over when your die

I'm in Michigan and looking for a 05/06 this weekend.got a couple deals in the works for used but would consider new if anyone has a lead? surrounding states?

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