Will a Stock YZF seat Fit my WR With Clarke Tank?

Does anybody know if a stock YZF426 seat will fit my WR426 with the Clarke 3.3 gal.Tank?..If not what's the difference?..

YZF seat is a 2001

WR is a 2002

Thanks guy's


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SoCal, You will need your SDG seat for the Clarke Tank. The WR seat will not fit. :)


Sorry for the confusing post (12hr grave yards kill me) I have the SDG seat, but prefer a stock YZF,. But will the YZF seat fit the WR with Clarke 3.3 tank?


Yes,Yes,Yes!!!!!!!!! The YZF seat will fit your scoot without a hitch!!!! The only aftermarket tank that the YZF seat will not work on is the IMS 4.0 for the WR (which I run). Im curious why you like the YZF seat better that the SDG. I have both and prefer the SDG. :)

Thanks Dan! :)


Mark your suposed to be in bed as the gimp!.Just kiding, Glad to see your somewhat mobile. Won't fit your stock tank, Sorry! Also I have already commited to trade with Flamed1 for his stock YZF seat..Take care, take it easy, and get well soon :)


Mike, does this mean you want to get rid of your SDG seat? Will it fit mine with my WR tank? If so I might be interested..

Mark :)

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